YOS S07E03 - V For Vienetta (The March Show)

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  • Song Name: YOS S07E03 - V For Vienetta (The March Show)
  • Artist: The Year Of Shame Challenge
  • Album: The Year Of Shame Challenge
  • Year: 2019

We're a quarter of a way through the challenge and things are hotting up, we think, maybe. It's an early morning recording and an episode filled with tea and coffee, but that doesn't mean we're being sensible. So whether you want to find out the latest mispronunciation antics, see if we've bought any games or just want to fill your hour long journey to work with dross, then this is the podcast for you.

Three beardy gamers decide to challenge themselves by not buying (m)any games in the coming 12 months in order to make headway on the piles (more like mountains) of shame. Join Rich, Toby and Steve as they set out on the epic Year of Shame Challenge.

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