YOS S08E01 - Stop getting Assassin's wrong

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  • Song Name: YOS S08E01 - You're getting Assassin's wrong!
  • Artist: Year of Shame Challenge
  • Album: YoS 8 2020
  • Year: 2020

Year of Shame Challenge Series 8, Episode 1: Stop getting Assassin's wrong

YoS TNG is GO!!!!!

Join Dave, James, Duane, Richard and Stu as they pledge not to purchase any games and renounce all game passes and the like for a whole year to reduce their pile of shame to a respectable level

Find out how they did on the first month of the challenge.

Was Stu unveiled as a liar when he was caught in the PSN store?

Did Dave keep his dignity in “Dave is Challenged”?

What’s up with Future boy and what he gets up to in Da clubs?

Where did James sneak off too?

Did Richard really go camping in January?


Hosts: Dave Packer, Duane Pearson, Richard Purvis, James Yarwood, Stuart Whitehouse

Theme music: Steven Addicott

Jingles: Richard Purvis (cruelbrit)

Editor: Stuart Whitehouse (ThatStuart)

YoS Logo: Terry Fox


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