YOS S08E07 - It's all about Daniel

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  • Song Name: YOS S08E07 - It's all about Daniel
  • Artist: Year of Shame Challenge
  • Album: Year of Shame Challenge 08
  • Year: 2020

MLG Year of Shame Challenge Series 8, Episode 7: It's all about Daniel

31 July 2020

Join Dave, James, Duane, Richard and Stu as they pledge not to purchase any games and renounce all game passes and the like for a whole year to reduce their pile of shame to a respectable level

Find out how they did on the half way mark of the challenge.

* Richard is the host this month

* New Games with James: The best get better

* DiC results

* We actually answer questions but Duane adds a little twist

* Much much more


0:00:28 - Intros and Pile Progress
0:44:16 - New Games with James
0:54:29 - Dave is Challenged
1:10:20 - Community Questions+
2:38:40 - House Keeping
2:43:18 - Shhhh, don't tell anyone......


Hosts: Dave Packer (ravis_7257), Duane Pearson (Duanecube), Richard Purvis (cruelbrit), James Yarwood (jlewsey15), Stuart Whitehouse (ThatStuart)

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