YOS S08E12 - The LIVE Show

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  • Song Name: YOS S08E12 - The LIVE Show
  • Artist: Year of Shame Challenge
  • Album: Year of Shame Challenge 08
  • Year: 2021

MLG Year of Shame Challenge Series 8, Episode 12: The LIVE show

2 January 2021

It’s Year of Shame history in the making, join the YOS 8 crew for a very special LIVE show and for the final time

Audience participation was a must and this was your last chance to catch the boys cheating (or not).

Dave, Stu, Rich, Duane & James would like to thank everyone for the support over the past year, you guys ROCK!

Now let’s make way for which will be the greatest year yet, Year of Shame 9

"Give 'em Hell Ladies"

The Audio quality may be a little off as the hosts used Zoom for recoding and streamed directly to YouTube and Facebook


Hosts: Dave Packer (ravis_7257), Duane Pearson (Duanecube), Richard Purvis (cruelbrit), James Yarwood (jlewsey15), Stuart Whitehouse (ThatStuart)

Editor: Stuart Whitehouse (ThatStuart)

Jingles: Richard Purvis (cruelbrit)

Theme music: Steven Addicott

YoS Logo: Terry Fox


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